Suho’s attempt to Sistar’s Touch My Body butt move joined by Baekhyun 

im kinda new to army fandom :)) so i was wondering if u recommend for me to watch things (such as ahl which im currently watching) and anything important i need to know .. my bias is jimin so information about him is appreciated thankkkkyou


hello there, welcome to the fandom~ o(≧∀≦)o hehe ahl is definitely a good place to start (my brother’s getting into bts thanks to that show~) you should also watch rookie king! i kept a link so i could go back and watch when i want so here's a post with all the eps with subs. also, their episodes of asc are fun too, those can be found here. and of course i would say the more important (and easiest) things to watch are the bombs! most are short and they’re all hilarious and cute. not all of them are subbed so that’s why i linked to bangtan’s yt playlist of them but subbed ones can also be watched here. if there’s any other vids you might want to watch, you’ll find them here. the most important thing to know right now is that we can help bts win first place on music shows so you should check this out~ hmmm and lastly for info i would recommend checking out bangtan and bts-trans~! if you have any specific questions about jimin, or just other questions in general i’ll be happy to answer them for you too. (‐^▽^‐)

girls day x smile for taeqwoon-ah .